VDB Fracturing in Houdini English

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VDB Fracturing in Houdini English

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In this course, you will learn how to create high-resolution organic destructions with Houdini's VDB system. This way of working will allow you to simulate RND faster without having a super-powerful computer.

Don't worry about the level because I am going to explain the course node by node and if you have any questions you can always send me an email ; )

All the elements are going to be simulated. We are not going to animate anything with keyframes. We will create the wrecking ball doing a Vellum simulation.

All documentation, models, HDRI, and scenes are included.

Course content:

1- Welcome

2- Download Houdini

3- References

4- Download models

5- Marcdom's workspace

6- Setting our wall

7- Scattering

8- VDB fracture setUp

9- Interior detail

10- Convex decomposition

11- Groups

12- Glue & Soft Constraints 

13- Wrecking ball colliders

14- RBD sim

15- Transform pieces

16- Caches

17- UV setUp

18- Setting up the vellum

19- Vellum sim

20- Polywire

21- Flipbook

22- Modelling the limitless

23- Extra walls

24- Final conclusions

Thank you so much and see you on the course!

I want this!
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