Houdini Pixar Up Effect English

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Houdini Pixar Up Effect English

3 ratings

In this course, you are going to learn how to create the Pixar Up effect from scratch in Houdini. Do not worry about the level because this is a step by step course and we will explain all the topics. 

At the end of the course, you will find a BONUS chapter with a super optimized set up in order to test your balloon simulation in case your computer is too slow. 

All the models, HDRI (illumination maps), and Houdini scenes (.hip files) are included. 

Course chapters:

1- Welcome

2- References

3- Download Houdini

4- Download models

5- Setting our workspace

6- Geometries

7- Grid collider

8- Colliders

9- Model our balloons

10- Pscale

11- @Cd transfer

12- Preparing our lines

13- Playing with Vellum

14- Flipbooks

15- Solving problems

16- Caches

17-Post Process

18- Cameras

19- Rendering

20- Bye Bye

Bonus SetUP

Thank you so much and I hope you are going to learn a lot and have a good time!

I want this!
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+ 2 hours of content


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