Houdini Cloth & Hair dynamics English

3 ratings
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Houdini Cloth & Hair dynamics English

3 ratings

Learn how to create cloth and hair dynamic simulations using Houdini software. Don't worry about your level because this is a step by step course available in English and Spanish. You will enjoy the first part of the course with me Marc Dominguez and during the second part, my friend Gerard Pasqual is going to drive you through the creation and the simulation of the hair. 

Course content:

The first part of the course, Marc is going to teach you:

  • Prepare your geo for cloth
  • Extend animation cycles from Mixamo in Houdini
  • Blend your geos
  • SDF push system
  • Simulations
  • Flipbooks
  • Caching
  • Camera Aims
  • Anim Stiffness
  • Post Process

The second part of the course, Gerard is going to teach you:

  • Prepare your geo for hair
  • Guides generation
  • Hairgen node
  • Second layer tests
  • Dynamic hair
  • Lighting & Shading your scene
  • Hair caches
  • Rendering

Models and Illumination maps (HDRI) included

I hope you will enjoy the course as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

I want this!

+2 Hours of content


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